Why Using a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Property will get You the Best Deal.

A Real Estate agent guides you through the property buying process, from the initial search to the closing. 

The main things an agent will help and guide with are as follows:

  1. Find you property for sale. An agent will help you understand the type of property to suit your need in the current market, find properties that match your requirement and price range, and then help you narrow the search to a small shortlist of properties worth considering. Additionally, the agent will dig up any additional information on properties that you find on portals and forward to them. With access to internal realtor systems, agents can see more information than you can using real estate websites.
  2. Know the area thoroughly inside out. If you’re an international investor, an agent can provide you with indepth information on schools, neighbourhoods and more. They are able to provide you with details about taxes and zoning that you might not know about.
  3. Set up virtual and on-site tours. Scrolling through an endless number of  pictures on listing portals and shortlisting just isn’t the same as viewing a property in person or virtually. Your agent will work to schedule showings for you after shortlisting so you have the best experience.
  4. Help you put forward offers. After you’ve found a property you want to buy, the next step is to make an offer. Your agent will advise you on how much to offer based on an analysis of the market and on the property itself. A great agent will explain the buying process, answer your questions and walk you through each step of the process.
  5. Negotiate with the vendor. The agent will inform you of the vendor’s response to your offer and advise you on whether to accept the counteroffer or negotiate on price and terms.
  6. Refer you to other professionals on their panel. A good agent will  refer you to other professionals, such as property lawyers, property management and lettings partners and furniture providers. 
  7. Finally, a good agent will help you deal with the highs and lows of the buying process. In addition to being emotional, buying a property is a major financial transaction. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, you can always speak to your agent who will pacify you and help you get the best possible outcome.

At One UK Properties, we offer a custom-tailored end to end service from the first step to the full property handover. We work methodically in a streamlined manner with our clients and pursue the most suitable investment option for you, guiding you every step of the way. You will benefit from our specially chosen portfolio which includes both buy to let and end user UK properties. Our extensive property portfolio is developed through our strong relationship ties with UK’s most reliable developers.

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