Should You Buy an Apartment for your Child when they go to a UK University?

I get this question very regularly and understandably it is one of the biggest reasons why people buy a second home in the UK.

Now that your child is leaving home, it’s time to consider how you can best help them financially. With students now graduating with an average of £50,000 of student debt, any monetary help from parents can make all the difference. Many international parents pay for the tuition fees and rent, but have you thought about buying a house for your child when they go to university? A good property agent will be able to advise on your unique situation.


We would argue that you and your child would benefit from long term financial gains from purchasing a property than paying rent. Whilst yearly rentals don’t seem to be a lot, the number of years renting can add up to a huge sum of wasted money with no returns.

If you bought a property and took a mortgage on it, you would be paying towards your property per month rather than into someone else’s pocket.

University College London


Buying a house for your child at university can definitely be a true investment opportunity. In university cities with fast-rising house prices, the initial cost will be high but you’re almost guaranteed to see a good return.

Between 2014 and 2017 (the length of a standard degree), there was a 22% rise in house prices in the UK’s university towns

Cheaper locations in which to buy property include Manchester and Birmingham, all of which boast excellent universities are an excellent investment option. Our agents can help find suitable properties in all of these locations.

Another trick is that you don’t have to wait until selling to start recuperating your money. If possible, when buying an apartment for your child at university choose one with multiple bedrooms. That way you can let them out to other students. Your child won’t live alone and the extra income will help cover the mortgage interest costs! Just ensure that any extra bedrooms are of a fair size so that students can study comfortably.

Given the nature of university term times, the property may be empty during holidays which would be a perfect time to visit the UK and make the property your base for the summer. Another use could be short term rentals in the holidays. I would recommend targeting individuals attending summer schools and conferences at the university.

Once your child has graduated from university, they may wish to take over the property themselves and continue to live in the area. Otherwise, you can either choose to sell the apartment or use it as a buy-to-let. This will most likely result in a greater profit margin.

One UK Properties can help you find the ideal apartment for your child, close to a university but also able to deliver a return on investment. Click the button below to discuss how we can help you.

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