Silk District

The Silk District at Whitechapel presents a fantastic opportunity to invest in a Zone 1 neighbourhood undergoing great changes with excellent strategic value and within the CBD of London. As well as having potential for significant capital gains and outstanding rental yields, The Silk District will provide luxurious homes.

The Silk District is a flow of elegant towers and buildings amongst landscaped gardens.

One West Point

One West Point will be a defining architectural statement – a unique signature building where fabulous landscaped gardens, intricate courtyards and dedicated outdoor space give way to soaring, skyward elevations that will surely rise to symbolise the pinnacle of new era, elite London living.

Rising almost 600 feet, West 54 will be the tallest residential building in London outside Canary Wharf.

Stunning, luxurious apartments with breathtaking views of the city and beyond, this will be the epitome of luxury living in London.

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