Off Market Consultancy

One UK Properties is well connected within the network of agents and representatives that handle off market transactions, and are able to offer these often below market and desirable properties when they meet our clients’ requirements. 

Off Market Services

What is ‘Off Market’?

Many of the properties we acquire for our clients are not listed in general marketing media. These properties are sold off-market keeping the acquisition confidential by their owners. An owner may choose to sell their property off market for several reasons. They may wish maintain confidentiality about the sale, whether for business, family or personal reasons. In addition, an owner may also be open to selling their property for a set price, but not ready to put the property officially up for sale.
Why Use One UK Properties

Why use us?

We source property, preview and report to you efficiently to ensure nothing is missed but that you only see the most appropriate properties. We use our relationships and experience in negotiations to secure the best possible terms for you. The efficiency our service brings to achieving an acquisition ensures you optimize it, highlight improvement potential and increase capital growth. Our familiarity with the areas we cover means we can advise in detail on all the aspects impacting a property’s location. Our experience with leases, freeholders, surveys, finance, enfranchisement, building management, planning and building works mean our clients can make informed decisions. Our service is bespoke to each client but always unrivalled. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile and we are always available to our clients.
We Help You With

We also help with

  • Production of financial models including revenue and expenses assumptions to derive ROI on the property;
  • Engaging and coordinating with valuers to render valuation services;
  • The property acquisition legal work Investment vehicle structuring – company, partnership or fund structures, including advisory agreements and profit-sharing agreements for the investment manager
  • Tax advice
  • Expertise on the designs, architectural services and development management for properties requiring refurbishment or redevelopment. Exit strategy with associated costs including financial model/projections
  • Launch Marketing campaign of property with our expertise and subsequent sales of the individual apartments once the acquisition is complete
We have links with both private and commercial banks and investment funds who are keen to fund these property acquisitions if you are new to these type of property transactions.
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