4 Reasons Why HS2 High Speed Train is a Game Changer to Property Prices in Birmingham.

  • HS2 is the fastest running train in Europe connecting London to the top 3 Northern Cities of UK. This train will cut the journey to Birmingham to just over 45 mins which is the same as getting from Central London to some Outer areas of London! This means the working sector can commute far more easily between the capital and their offices in Birmingham.
  • The redevelopment of the Birmingham Curzon St Station together with the Big City Plan will introduce a huge number of jobs in the city. It is the largest regeneration in the history of the Northern Cities of Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool so the population is expected to go up exponentially.
  • There will be a huge increase in tenant demand from renters who will leave London to move to cheaper property and work in London and from renters in Manchester and Liverpool who will move to Birmingham to commute weekly to their head offices in London.
  • The commercial sector of Birmingham will become the largest business, professional and financial hub in the UK outside of London with already a huge number of Fortune 500 companies having their headquarters in Birmingham as a knock on effect of being the closest largest city to London driving up the population.

Just this reason alone will drive up property prices stratospherically in this decade. Off course, there are several other major reasons why Birmingham should be your next purchase.

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